Where is the studio located?

tm studios is located at the edge of the cloverleaf city of Fürth in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region. Two nearby motorways provide excellent transport connection.


Can I visit the studio in advance?

Of course! A visit in advance can often be helpful. Just make an appointment with us.


Can I book the studio for parties, workshops and seminars?

Definitely! Depending on personal preferences and the size of the event, the studios can be a very suitable venue.


How can I book the studio space?

By calling, writing an email or using the contact form on our website.


For how long can I rent the studio space?

Usually, our facilities can be rented by the day. However, we are open to adjustments by arrangement.


Can the studio also be rented over weekends?

Yes! For further information, please have a look at our price list.


Which studios are the best for photography or videography?

All our studios can be used for photographing as well as filming.


Can I book breakfast or lunch as well?

If required, we can arrange catering for you at any time.


What about drinks?

Drinks, just like catering, can be booked as required.



About the Rent


When does the renting period start?

It usually starts at 8:30 a.m. Adjustments to this time can be made by arrangement.


What is included in the studio rent?

The price contains the usage of facilities, including water, electricity and final cleaning after minor soiling.


What happens if the agreed upon time is exceeded?

Overtime is no problem! For further information, please have a look at our price list.


What if I want to extend the renting period by another day?

Usually, we allow for enough time between reservations, so that an extension of one more day will be possible in most cases. Just talk to us and have a look at the schedule on our website.


I need assistance. Who can help me?

There should always be someone on site who can answer your questions. If required, you can also book further assistance regarding general help, photography, videography or digital support.


When do I need to make my payment?

Upon reservation, a deposit of 30% is due. The rest can then be paid by invoice.


Which payment options do I have?

You may pay with cash, by invoice or with PayPal.


Are there any discounts?

We can offer individual discounts for long-term rent, permanent bookings or students.





What equipment is already in the studio?

We are renting relatively empty studios that can be furnished with tables, chairs and couches if required. You will find further information about respective features on the Studios page. If you wish, we can put together a studio set with backgrounds, furniture and accessories for you.


What about toilets, showers and styling rooms?

There are toilets on every floor and some of the bathrooms also contain showers. Adjacent to every bigger studio, there are model dressing rooms with make-up tables and mirrors with excellent lighting. Smaller changing rooms can also be integrated into the Studio Boxes.


What kind of gear and props can I book?

We have a huge collection of studio flashes, tripods, light shapers, movable walls, backdrops and more. Just let us know what you might need.


What else can I add to my booking?

Depending on your wishes, we are happy to take care of drinks, catering and assistance.







Where can my team and I park our cars?

There is a car park directly on our studio site. If there are not enough spaces, then there are more free-of-cost possibilities for parking along the surrounding streets.


How can I get my equipment into the studio?

Most of our studios are accessible on ground level. You can even drive into the Hall. The upper floors can be reached by stairs. For further information, please have a look at the Studios page.


What else is near the studios?

The newly built Golfpark district offers an ideal combination of traffic-calmed zones, industrial locations and residential areas. Within walking distance there are two hotels, a restaurant and a takeaway with delivery service as well as a nature reserve where you can take a break and go for a walk. The nearby Solarberg offers a wonderful view over the cities of Nuremberg and Fürth.



You could not find all the answers to your questions on this page? Just give us a call, write an email or use our contact form.