General Terms and Conditions

1. General

1.1 These General Terms and Conditions apply to the renting of the respectively booked studio space by tm studios visuelle medien GmbH, in the following referred to as the lessor, at the following address: Flugplatzstr. 70 in 90768 Fürth. The studio space includes the room with furniture, technical equipment and other items.

1.2 These regulations become valid with the acceptance of the offer or by entering the studio on the booked date.

1.3 The studio can only be rented by a person of full age. The lessee is obliged to prove their age with a valid identity document before the studio is handed over to them. The lessor is allowed to make a copy of the document and store the copy for clarification of future claims, should the need arise.


2. Rent

2.1 The amount of the agreed studio rent is based on the daily rate stated in the net price list or in the offer.

2.2 The rent includes the use of the rooms, the use of parking spaces on the site, as well as water, electricity and heating costs.

2.3 The length of the rental period starts with the agreed-upon time when the studio is handed over. A delayed entry or take-over does not change the calculated length. If the studio is not cleared out at the agreed time, it is up to the lessor if they are going to charge for overtime costs by prior agreement.

2.4 There are expressly no claims to exceeding the rental period.

2.5 A cancellation of the booking must be made in writing. If the cancellation takes place at latest 14 days before the start of the rental period, 30% of the rent will be charged. At a cancellation from 7 days before the start, 50% of the price will be charged and for a cancellation within 3 days prior to the rental period, 100% of the price must be paid. The same applies if the lessee does not appear or attend.

2.6 Services, as stated in the price list or as agreed on, will be charged separately.

2.7 The lessor will always keep their authority as a householder and is allowed to enter the studio at any time.

2.8 The usage, especially photographing and filming of areas outside the rented studio space, like the courtyard, the staircases and other rooms, is strictly forbidden and only possible with the permission of the lessor.

2.9 Smoking is strictly forbidden in the whole studio! It is allowed only in outside areas of the site.


3. Payment

3.1 At reservation or before take-over of the studio, a deposit of 30% of the expected final price (studio rent + added services + rent for equipment, etc.) must be made via bank transfer to the bank account of tm studios visuelle medien GmbH. At the end of the rental period, this deposit will be taken into account and specified in the final calculation of the invoice.

3.2 The final price must be paid within 7 days from the invoice date.


4. Use of the studio

4.1 The studio, the inventory of the studio and all rented items must be treated with care and must not be misused. Further, the lessee and all present persons must ensure that no person or object is harmed. Any damage incurred must be reported to the lessor immediately.

4.2 Objects may only be modified or dismantled after prior agreement with the lessor. Items that are, for example, on wheels may be moved if possible.

4.3 Without admission from the lessor, the lessee must not leave the rental object in the hands of or sublet it to a third party.

4.4 Animals are only allowed after prior arrangement with the lessor.

4.5 Events with a higher number of people must be discussed with and approved by the lessor in advance. The same applies to workshops, parties, seminars, etc.

4.6 The studio will be let to the lessee in a clean and tidy condition. On return to the lessor, the object must be in the same condition. Medium soiling will be charged with a flat rate of 10% of the daily rate per rental period plus VAT. In the case of very heavy soiling, the cleaning costs (if necessary, by a specialist company) are due in full.

4.7 The lessor may end the rental period, excluding liability for damage by the lessee, at any time if regulations are not met or damage is caused wilfully. In this case, 100% of the studio rent must be paid. If necessary, an expense allowance must be paid to the lessor as compensation for the inappropriate behaviour or damage.

4.8 In case the studio cannot be used due to force majeure, 100% of the rental price will be waived for the lessee and any deposit paid will be refunded. In this case, the lessor is not liable for any claims for damages or costs already incurred by the lessee.


5. State of the rooms

5.1 The lessee must check the state of the rooms and items at the start of the rental period and immediately report any damages.

5.2 The lessee is not entitled to make any claims for items or set ups that can be seen on pictures of the studio website, social media or any other media.


6. Reservation of propriety rights

6.1 All objects and inventory of the studios remain unrestricted property of the lessor at all times.

6.2 Selling, renting and leaving objects to a third party is not allowed and needs the consent of the lessor.


7. Exclusion of liability

7.1 The lessee and other present persons enter the studio and work in it explicitly at their own risk. The lessee is responsible and liable for all present persons.

7.2 The lessor assumes no liability for the items brought into the studio by the lessee.

7.3 The lessee is liable for any damage caused during the rental period as well as resultant subsequent damage, for example loss of rent. The lessee releases the lessor from the liability of third parties for corresponding damage.

7.4 Liability of the lessor due to force majeure is impossible.


8. Law

8.1 All legal relations between tm studios visuelle medien GmbH and the lessee are based on German law.

8.2 Place of performance and jurisdiction is the head office of tm studios visuelle medien GmbH.

8.3 Supplementary agreements to this contract and the rent must be made exclusively in writing.

8.4 If a term of this contract is or becomes invalid, the validity of all other regulations remains. Consequently, the invalid regulation is replaced by a different one that is legally and economically closest to the intended regulation.


Last update: 24 June 2022, Fürth