The Loft

The Loft is placed in a quieter part of the building. The separate area with its own kitchen and toilet offers a lot of space and privacy and is therefore especially suitable for events.


  • Size: over 200 m²

  • 2 photo sets, one of them convertible into an infinity cove

  • Large make-up and styling area with excellent lighting

  • Integrated kitchen and sitting area with tables

  • Adjoining conference room

  • Adjoining toilet

  • Many large windows for daylight photography

  • Wooden floor

  • Infinity cove dimensions (L/W): approx. 4 x 3 m

  • Dimensions of set 2 (L/W): approx. 3 x 4 m

  • Room height: 3.8 m

  • Location: first floor (stairs)

Price per day: on request

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